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Up Close and Dangerous

A “Behind the Scenes” Photography Day to Capture the Chillingham Wild Cattle with Multi-Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer.


Held on Saturday 3rd November, The Chillingham Wild Cattle Association (CWCA) are holding their very own Photography Day, hosted by multi-award-winning wildlife photographer, Mr Rob Jordan and invite those with a passion for taking the perfect photo to take part.

The photography day is a chance to learn how to photograph animals, with the emphasis being on the Wild Cattle. Participants will get the chance to get much closer to the cattle than they would on an ordinary visit and will be under the care and guidance of Rob throughout the day.

Newcastle based, Rob Jordan, focuses his photography primarily on wildlife and with that, has won a numerous amount of awards, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Category Winner and 3 Highly Commended.

Rob Jordan, Professional Wildlife Photographer

From 10.30am to 4:00pm, this open day course is available to photographers of all abilities; however, participants must be able to provide their own camera. Tea/coffee will be provided, and a packed lunch is recommended. Sturdy footwear and weather appropriate clothing are also essential as walking is involved.

Commenting ahead of the event, Ellie Waddington, the Cattle Park Warden, said: “Mr Jordan has done a lot of work for the CWCA, he is now our honorary photographer and holds a life membership with the association.

Rob came up with the idea of a photography day so that people can have access to the Wild Cattle when the park is closed, allowing the photo opportunities to be uniquely peaceful and uninterrupted. Our last open day included a stampede (we cannot promise another one) and everyone had a marvellous time. The photo opportunities are exceptional at this time of the year. All standards of photographer’s welcome.”

The full day costs £95 per participant and 100% of all fees raised will go to the well-being of the Wild Cattle with Rob Jordan kindly donated his time.

Limited to 8 participants only, pre-booking is essential either by phone or email. For further details of the event and to make a reservation, please telephone Ellie, park warden, at 01668 215 250 or email wildcattlewarden@gmail.com.

Formed in 1939, The Chillingham Wild Cattle Association (CWCA) now has over 350 members and remains passionate about the preservation of this distinct and iconic herd, which is steeped in history and is a real Northumbrian treasure. This charitable organisation survives upon both the public interest and support. Chillingham Park is currently open to visitors all day Monday to Friday, as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings, with tours presented by park warden, Ellie Waddington.


For more information, please visit www.chillinghamwildcattle.com or call 01668 215250.

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