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Living of the Land

The Glendale Show held on August Bank Holiday Monday, has always showcased the importance of farming and the local environment to the visitors and this year will be no exception as they have chosen for their theme –LIVING OFF THE LAND.

The countryside of Glendale offers perfect conditions for “living off the land”, and earlier today, Rachael Tait Secretary of the Glendale Agricultural Society organiser of the Glendale Show discovered that this was perfectly true in more ways than one. This current weather conditions are providing rich personal pickings for her daughters, baskets of mushrooms and blackberries. “At the expense of a little exercise, you can fill a bag or basket with the makings of breakfast, or tasty jams and puddings.” Says Rachael

Living off the Land is the lifeblood of the farming community whose daily lives the Glendale Show has been built around for over 125 years.  For many of the 15,000 visitors the show expects, farming is seen from the point of view of the consumer, and for many, it is  their one chance in the year to really engage with farming, farm animals, and producers. And as everyone needs to eat, ‘Living off the Land’ applies to you, whether you are selling or buying its produce.

Rachael says “We all enjoy the fruits of the field, whether wild in the hedgerows, or cultivated on the farm. The food we grow and eat form the centre of the Show, and the we are thankful to all the many farmers and producers who use this event as a rural showcase each year. It takes a huge amount of time and effort to prepare livestock for showing and produce for market.

Rachael adds, “I can quite categorically say that those attending will see that there is not a better place to ‘Live off the Land’ than right here in Glendale.

“Whatever meal you choose, be it breakfast lunch or dinner or the evening tipple, Glendale Produces it. Breakfast Cereal, Bacon, Eggs, Butter, Milk, Cheese, Lamb, Beef, Salmon, Ice Cream, Water, Whisky, Honey, Oils, Potatoes and Preserves they have all been produced in Glendale for untold generations.”

“When you look round, focus and look out for the products and producers whose livelihoods are made, “Living off the Land”. For example, our livestock is a big part of the show, and always popular. Our farms produce the very finest beef and lamb, for supermarkets across the lengths and breadth of the UK and further afield. And who knows, the show field might even have a few mushrooms! “

Many of the exhibitors demonstrate the land’s productivity, in the food and produce tents, Glendale and the North of England’s small producers will be bringing to market the fruits of their labours, chosen not from the roadside or the pasture, but from the range of produce made on farms, and in commercial kitchens that our region is home to.

Just for looking, and for marvelling at, there is the amazing Horticultural and Industrial Tent, where you cannot touch or eat, but you may be inspired to grow and make your own. A better array of vegetable, cakes, jams and crafts is hard to find anywhere.

You may also fill your larder, fridge or freezer with a range of cheeses, ice creams, pies, honeys, meats, jams, gins, cakes, loaves, pates, sausages, hams, smoked fish, or many a tasty morsel. Your wardrobes will also benefit from shoes, shirts, woollies and scarves – and any other manner of adornments.

Finally, you can see the farm animals that serve us as the source of many of these things most of us enjoy – the champion cattle, the prize-winning sheep, the goats, and the alpacas, all presented at their best, for all to see.

The gates for Glendale Show open at 9 am on Bank Holiday Monday August 27th.  Tickets can be purchased online in advance at a reduced rate.

For general information please visit www.glendaleshow.com or contact Show Secretary, Rachael Tait on 01668 283868 or email info@glendaleshow.com.

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