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James H Wood Welcomes New Investments, Staff and Services  



Berwick engineering firm, James H Wood Ltd, is making the most of new machine investments and expanding its services with new talent across the sector.



Locally owned engineering firm, James H Wood, has recently announced its investment and acquisition of two high quality machines, and a new member of staff, that will expand the services offered by the team.


Unique to the area, the machines will enhance the capabilities of the workshop to restore and repair tools that require multiple axis machining or drill sharpening. The investment underpins the comprehensive nature of the engineering service, with 75 years’ experience of meeting varied customer demands.


Cameron Bruce has also been welcomed on board as Engineering Coordinator, to help streamline and logistically manage all the engineering activities at the firm. At the start of his career, Cameron served his time as an auto electrical engineer with local company, Auto Injection, before moving on to study offshore and marine engineering, becoming Chief Mechanical Engineer on board one of the world’s biggest ultra-deep-water drilling rigs. Cameron adds to the wealth of diverse knowledge James H Wood has built its reputation on.

Cameron Bruce, Engineering Coordinator at James H Wood

Providing a full range of skills across wide-ranging sectors of engineering in the region is a priority for James H Wood. From agriculture to architecture and historic building restoration, and from quarrying and mining to marine needs, a dedicated staff of engineers create bespoke solutions for both simple and complex requirements. Whether this demands unique fabrication, the production of precision-machined parts, or straight-forward component replacement or repairs, JH Wood fulfils a host of engineering needs.


Increasingly JH Wood has been involved in the process of designing and developing specific engineering projects for clients, helping to deliver solutions for innovative applications. This high-quality service includes everything from assessment of need, creation and testing of prototypes, design improvement, and final fabrication. The in-depth knowledge gained from decades of resolving local and regional engineering issues is the cornerstone of the company’s successful track record of bespoke design projects.


With respect to recent investments, the following machines acquired are outlined below:

  • Large Capacity Universal Milling Machine:

X Axis Travel of 1500mm, Y Axis Travel of 1000mm & Z Height Travel of 500mm.

This machine has a table weight capacity of in excess of 2 tonnes and enables accurate line boring on Telehandler Back plates, Digger buckets and large items requiring multiple axis machining. A wide range of tooling and tasks can be achieved with it.

  • Precision Drill Sharpening Machine:

Capable of accurately sharpening drills from diameter 3mm (1/8”) up to 75mm (3”), with back off reliefs. Whilst primarily for the James H Wood workshop and toolroom, it allows the provision of a low-cost sharpening service to bring expensive drills up to high levels of accurate sharpness.


General Manager of James H Wood, Matthew Rawlings, commented on the benefit of the new machines to the regional community:


“The company has always been about providing a full and rounded service across engineering sectors to satisfy a variety of different needs. These new machines help us meet a number of common demands whilst the expansion of the capabilities of the workshop will mean easier and quicker repairs or restorations to tools that often require maintenance.”


He adds, “This will mean we can provide an even better service to more customers than before.”


For more information on J H Wood Ltd visit www.jameshwood.co.uk or call 01289 306181.

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