What we can do for you.

We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to get your message to a wide audience, whether it be in your home town, or across the nation.

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We can tailor a package to suit your needs. Whether you are a new company on the brink of a launch, or an established one, looking for a new approach. Speak to us. No business can afford to ignore their PR potential. Find out how we could bring it out.

Market Research

If you are to succeed, you must know your competitors. You must know how they market their products. You must know their websites and publications. You must know how they deal with customer enquiries. Time spent researching is never wasted, and we base our strategies on the marketplace and how you can present yourself competitively.

Press Releases

We help you to identify any good news stories and opportunities, then write a press release which will appeal to the journalists we work with. We will arrange any professional “worth 1000 words” photography to support the story. Then we will use our experience and contacts to find the publications that will use the story at the right time, and keep in touch with them to provide them with information and encouragement.

PR & Marketing Plans

Identifying new regular opportunities for presenting both you, your workforce, and what you sell – and then describing how these are best presented, is the heart of a good PR plan. This will include establishing your brand, use of the media, of advertising, of the Internet and any publications and packing you use.


We always give the best advice on advertising – when and when not to use it. Editorial in a newspaper has more power and authority, but advertising sometimes has to be used to guarantee the look and message. We will tell you when.

Individual PR Campaigns

Products and Services, or special events, often require a focused approach when presenting them to the marketplace. Identifying key points and people of your campaign , and how each should be best presented; when to get the media involved and how to present what you are doing in the best way to get them interested; how to present your product so that it has most impact when it is seen; building awareness at the right time. These are some of the factors involved in a PR campaign.

Organising Press Visits

Capturing the attention of the media is important, but getting a journalist visit your business can lead to a great deal more. We know the journalists who work in each part of the marketplace. We will work with you to ensure you offer them the best experience they need, and we will, if needed, be on hand to meet and show them round.

Offers, Promotions and Coupons

The Media love special offers that they can present exclusively. It’s good for them [readers perceive they’re getting extra value from their paper], and, though it may cost you a room for the night in your hotel, or a meal for two in your restaurant, it will present your product to the world at no more than the cost of the prize. We can help you identifying opportunities for promotions, them help them find a place them in a suitable publication.

Product Launches

The best time to get coverage for a service or product is when it’s new. Our service will help you identify the unique selling points, the journalists who will help you most and then we’ll make sure the right copy is written, circulated and followed up. We’ll make sure that journalists who need to experience your product, get to see it and its advantages in good time.